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Hello Readers,
Are you looking to include strength training in your fitness routine?
Do you want to increase your bone density and feel more fit?
Do you want stronger muscles and a fitter lifestyle?
Well, the answer to all the thoughts in your mind is strength training and you must begin it soon!

What is Strength Training?
Strength training, also referred to as resistance training, refers to a type of exercise that aims to increase muscular strength and enable the body to perform routine tasks, prevent injury and improve overall health. It includes a variety of techniques like machine-based training, weight lifting, complex and functional training and plyometrics. It provides a wide range of physical and mental health benefits, when combined with proper diet and adequate rest.
Strength training is an essential component of a well-rounded exercise routine. It involves using resistance, such as weights or resistance bands, to target and challenge your muscles. Incorporating strength training into your daily exercise routine offers numerous benefits for your overall health and well-being.

What are the advantages of Strength Training?
Strength training is associated with lower risk and mortality
Let us look at some key advantages of strength training:

i. Better functional strength
Regular strength training improves your ability to perform daily activities and tasks with better strength ease. Moreover, it increases your functional strength, and makes activities like lifting heavy objects, climbing stairs, or carrying groceries way easier for you.
So, if you feel a constant feeling of fatigue, inability to climb stairs, or tiredness during daytime, strength training is the correct path of fitness for you.

ii. Increased muscular strength and tone
Strength training helps build and strengthen your muscles, and consequently leads to improved muscle tone and definition. Strength training helps you in progressively challenge your muscles with resistance, and they gradually adapt and grow stronger, enhancing your physical capabilities.

iii. Enhanced joint function and stability
Strength training helps in alleviating joint pain and reduce the risk of injuries by improving the performance of surrounding muscles and connective tissues. Also, strong muscles provide better support and stability to your joints. Thus, strength training becomes a key component of sports training programs and improves power, speed, and endurance, helping you excel in various athletic fronts.

iv. Weight Management
Strength training aids in weight management and body composition by boosting your metabolism. One must understand that muscle tissue requires more energy at rest than fat tissue. Thus, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn throughout the day.
Strength training helps preserve lean muscle mass during weight loss, preventing muscle loss that can occur with dieting alone.

How to get started with Strength Training?
Now that we know the multiple benefits of strength training, here are some steps that can help you begin with strength training: –

i. Consult your fitness trainer
Before you start with any new exercise program, it is advisable to consult your fitness trainer as they understand your body and will accordingly recommend the most suitable fitness routine for you. If you are keen on including strength training as a key component in your fitness journey, ask your fitness trainer and they will guide you correctly.

ii. Set achievable goals
Most people have the tendency to set unrealistic goals and later feel demotivated when the goals are not achieved. Thus, it is very important to define your specific objectives, which could be building overall strength, increasing muscle mass, enhancing bone density or improving functional fitness. Having clear goals will guide your training and help you stay motivated.

iii. Work out regularly
Strength training requires discipline and dedication for visible results. One must aim for two to three strength training sessions per week, allowing adequate rest days for muscle recovery.

iv. Select the right equipment and learn their usage
While strength training can be done at home or in the gym, it is essential to select right equipment and using them in a proper manner. For e.g., – one can use their own body weight and force of gravity like pushups, squats, planks, lunges, pullups etc.
On the other hand, one can also use equipment like weight machines, suspension equipment, or resistance bands to put your muscles under tension and allow neuromuscular adaptations that stimulate muscle growth. With regular exercise and training, your muscles will get stronger.

v. Do not overdo it
Allow yourself to relax and let your muscles heal and grow progressively. Start slow, focus on your body and follow the advice of your fitness trainer so that you do not overdo it. You can always add more weight or resistance gradually or increase your reps and sets but it must happen under expert guidance.
Start your fitness journey and build your muscles with regular exercise and strength training. Looking forward to build a fitfam and promote a healthy lifestyle and good health.