About Shweta Rathore

An International Physique Athlete, Cover girl, Celebrity, Speaker, Mentor, Transformer, Entrepreneur, Role Model, and the Pride of India.

  • Best Fitness Icon of the year by IIIA and Jio news
  • Shweta Rathore is the first female physique athlete from India to achieve several remarkable milestones in the field of fitness and sports. Her achievements include:
  • Winning the prestigious Miss World Fitness Physique title in 2015.
  • Becoming the first female physique athlete from India to secure the Miss Asia Fitness Physique title in 2016, held in Uzbekistan.
  • Making history by winning the Miss India Fitness Physique title for three consecutive years in 2017, 2018, and 2019.
  • Earning the esteemed title of Fitness Icon from Shri Ravi Shankar in 2017.
  • Being crowned Miss International Fitness Diva by the Dubai Government in 2017.
  • Receiving the Inspiring Model of the Year award from Zest in 2018.
  • Winning the Fierce & Female Award in 2018, presented by Yuva Sena.
  • Recognized as a Pioneering Woman Leader by The World Leadership Congress & Award in 2020.
  • Honored with the Healthcare Leadership Award by ABP News Healthcare Award in 2021.
  • Named among the 100 Most Impactful Healthcare Leaders (Global Listing) by the World Health & Wellness Congress in 2022.
  • Receiving the Women Achiever Award by DAEC in 2023.
  • Shweta Rathore is rightfully celebrated as "The Pride of India" for her outstanding contributions to the world of fitness and her numerous accolades in recognition of her achievements.
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